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Basic Warehouse Efficiency Design

Warehouse Basics Today, businesses of all types need efficient warehousing solutions. Most companies have basic storage needs, but some need warehouses to keep track of inventory. Warehouses can save businesses money and resources by: Creating

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Warehouse Racking Basics

There is a wide range of styles when it comes to pallet racking. No warehouse is a like and businesses need different storage needs. When it comes time to upgrade your pallet racking or start

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History of Pallet Racking

Prior to World War I pallet rack was not very common. Thankfully pallet racking came around to give warehouses the ability to store pallets vertically. When warehouses have this ability it will double or triple

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warehouse racking


The first blog entry is always the toughest.  As we launch our new website, AMH is committed to making AMH1979.com a place where our customers can go for information.  Of course the website will always

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headquarters office

Happy 40th Birthday!

Q&A With Founder, Jackie Lackie 1.    Can you give me a little history on American Material Handling & how you entered into this line of work? I started off selling school supplies and small items

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