Warehouse Racking Basics

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There is a wide range of styles when it comes to pallet racking. No warehouse is a like and businesses need different storage needs. When it comes time to upgrade your pallet racking or start from scratch, you need to know all the options you have for your warehouse space.

The most basic form and most popular form of pallet racking is Selective Pallet Racking. You can design this style of rack to accommodate various material sizes. These racking systems are called “Selective” because they allow users to select any pallet from the racking system without having to relocated other pallets first.

If you are needing a different style other than Selective, the options are endless. Here are a few other styles of pallet racking that might be the perfect fit for your warehouse.

Drive-In Rack- A “Last In, First Out” storage style. This option creates a smaller footprint in your warehouse. Drive In is a high density storage solution for a warehouse or distribution center. You can store anywhere from 2-10 pallet positions deep with this style of racking.

Pallet Flow Rack- This style of racking is good for “First In, First Out” storage. You load material from one side and pull material from the other. Pallet Flow racking maximizes storage by minimizing the aisles. This style of storage can hold up to 20 pallets deep.

Pushback Rack- A “Last In, First Out” storage option. This style of rack uses carts that sit on rails in the racking. You can store anywhere from 2-6 pallets deep. Once a pallet is removed gravity will move the next pallet in to place.

Carton Flow Rack – This style of storage is an easy and fast picking system. This is great for hand picking small items for orders. Cartons or boxes are loaded on one side of the rack system then will slide down a wheel bed on the other side to be picked.

Cantilever Rack – A style of storage for vertically storing bulky or long products like pipes, carpet rolls, or lumber. Uprights can be used for single or double sided storage.

As you can see there are many options of racking for your warehouse. If you are thinking about upgrading, adding on or starting from scratch please contact American Material Handling to help you get your warehouse functioning with the correct style of racking.

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