Warehouse Services

American Material Handling offers professionals for consulting and labor projects to help your warehouse, distribution center, or fulfillment center operate as efficiently as possible. American Material Handling has been operating as a family owned business for over almost 40 years. Located in North Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee, AMH has worked with thousands of clients in various industries over the last 4 decades. With over 250,000 sq. ft. of equipment available, we can resource all of your warehouse equipment needs.
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Pallet Rack Installation

Space optimization is essential to any customer who needs inventory stored in the most efficient way possible. Pallet rack systems are one of the best ways to maximize the space in your warehouse or distribution center. Whether you need to install a new system or add to an existing one, American Material Handling has the expertise and equipment to get the job done. When you choose AMH, we use industry-proven standards to manufacture pallet racks to fit your exact requirements. In addition, we can handle both standard and custom racking layouts, so regardless of the size of your project, our experts will have you up and running as soon as possible.

AMH has the resources to help you decommission your warehouse when it no longer serves your needs. Warehouse decommissioning can be complicated, so it’s best to leave this task up to the professionals. However, we can provide all the necessary staffing to remove existing equipment and clean up the space so that you can move forward with your expansion or new project. Our warehouse decommissioning services are available for both commercial and industrial facilities. We can decommission and relocate your warehouse within a day and offer our services at highly competitive prices. This is the best option if you have a facility that is no longer useful, and you want to exit quickly, so you can move forward with your ventures.

If you’re planning to move your distribution or fulfillment center, AMH can help. Our experienced team has the knowledge and resources to relocate your warehouse quickly and efficiently. First, we will meet with you to discuss your goals, budget, and timeline. Then, our experienced team will ensure that your warehouse is moved on time without any interruptions to your daily operations. We have the workforce and resources to move everything from loading docks, safety systems, dock equipment, aisle markers, order pickers, and more. Our warehouse relocation services are unmatched in the industry, and we guarantee your satisfaction with our collaboration, speed, and passion for excellence.

American Material Handling offers the best pallet rack repair. We can provide you with the solutions for fixing or repairing your damaged pallet rack. AMH provides customers with the expertise needed for restoring racking to full capacity. You do not need to fully replace your racking system, as our skilled team can often replace or repair your system. Our focus is to keep your racking system in total working order. We go out of our way to do the best job possible, and we will work hard to make sure your racks are ready to use as soon as possible.

Equipment Leasing

American Material Handling offers equipment leasing as an option for those who want to invest in the latest warehouse technology without the upfront cost. We’re experts in warehouse operations, and our equipment leasing options can help you take your space from average to extraordinary without breaking your budget. When you lease equipment from American Material Handling, you can rest easy knowing that it is in top condition and ready to help your warehouse or distribution center operate at peak performance. Choosing to lease your warehouse equipment also avoids the hassle of having to sell equipment at the end of its service life.

American Material Handling offers fully equipped custom steel fabrication shop with the best fabricators in the mid-south. We’ve built and installed exterior stairs, warehouse mezzanines, custom material carts, handrails, dock door supports, ladder safety cages, and hundreds of other steel items. We can come to your location in the mid-south to repair your steel equipment. AMH has 30+ years of experience to provide the quality service you require to keep your operation running or any construction projects on time and under budget.

Equipment Salvage

AMH offers equipment salvage in the event that you need to dispose of an old system. Our highly trained technicians can often refurbish or repair used racking systems rather than you having to replace the entire system. We specialize in saving customers money by fixing or refurbishing their warehouse equipment instead of replacing everything at full cost. Our team can also remove existing equipment debris to make sure that your facility is ready for new projects or expansions. In addition, we recycle all equipment parts to save on landfill space. If your business needs warehouse equipment salvage or removal, AMH can help.

3D Walkthroughs

Our 3D Modeling Service takes your exact warehouse space and gets the most out of it. We build a digital walkthrough allowing you to view the layout and get it right the first time. Once the layout and necessary equipment are approved, our industry-leading installation teams can get the job done to your specification. This is a great way to iron out any kinks or ensure that everyone involved in the project knows what the finished space will look like. This is the best option for businesses, designers, and engineers who want to be 100% certain that their visions will come to life.

AMH has an in-house CAD design team that can help you layout your warehouse to maximize storage capacity. Using our cost per pallet position analysis can even help you and your real estate broker with site selection. Ceiling height, column spacing, lighting, code, and aisle spacing can significantly affect storage capacity and efficiency. Our award-winning designers will help you improve the flow of materials in your facility to ensure that employees move products as efficiently as possible. Our design team can also help you save money by avoiding wasted space in your warehouse. This puts your employees, customers, and products in a position to succeed. 

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