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We have over 400,000 sq ft of new and used warehouse equipment, including pallet racks, that are ready to be shipped so you don’t have to wait. We have our own trucks for when freight availability is an issue, so we can get it there when you need it.
At AMH, we prioritize delivering the highest quality used equipment to our clients. With our onsite fabrication and paint shops, we cater to those seeking a pristine “like new” appearance while also offering options for “as is” equipment. Transparency is key—we provide upfront condition assessments and resolve any quality or damage concerns promptly and fairly.
Download our warehouse checklist and warehouse calculator below to start planning your space and equipment needs today, whether you require immediate solutions or are still finalizing your requirements.

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Learn more about pallet racking, which is an essential component of efficient warehouse management that enhances space utilization, accessibility, and operational efficiency across various industries. Pallet rack systems are designed to maximize the use of your warehouse’s vertical space efficiently.

Enhance your efficiency with our versatile conveyor solutions. Flex conveyors offer portability and versatility, ideal for adapting to different load points and conserving space. Gravity conveyors are cost-effective by moving various items with minimal effort. For advanced supply chain and manufacturing needs, our powered conveyors provide customizable solutions for precise product handling and automation.

Learn more about vital loading dock equipment, including dock plates and levelers for seamless trailer docking, yard ramps for lift equipment access, and dump hoppers for efficient bulk item disposal with a forklift.

AMH offers a range of essential safety equipment designed to prioritize workspace safety and protect critical assets within your warehouse. From Adrian Safety Straps, fans, handrails, guard rails and bollards, etc. AMH offers many equipment options that prevent accidents and enhance overall safety in the warehouse. Together, these safety solutions ensure operational continuity and preserve the integrity of valuable assets.

Explore essential packing equipment for efficient warehouse operations: scales for accurate weighing, strapping and banding equipment for secure bundling, stretch wrap machines for parcel protection, and packing tables for effective sorting and packing.

Discover a wide range of storage solutions tailored to optimize your warehouse space. From versatile pallet racks that free up valuable floor space to industrial shelving perfect for small item storage, this equipment is designed to enhance efficiency in any setting. Need to store bulky or long items like pipes and lumber? Our durable cantilever racks are the ideal choice. For streamlined inventory management, consider our gravity flow racks, and maximize density with our compact drive-in racks. Whatever your storage needs, AMH provides solutions that fit your space and operational requirements seamlessly.

Explore essential warehouse accessories designed to enhance safety and efficiency. From versatile wire decking that optimizes pallet storage to sturdy pallet supports ensuring stability, we provide solutions tailored to your storage needs. Safeguard your warehouse infrastructure with reliable column and aisle protectors, securing your operations for seamless productivity

Discover essential lifting and transport equipment at AMH. We offer a wide range of equipment from pallet jacks for efficient pallet lifting, carts and dollies for easy box and inventory movement, to a variety of lifting equipment including scissor lifts and forklift platforms for versatile handling solutions.

Find efficient storage solutions with durable plastic bins, dividers, and totes for organizing small to medium-sized products. Our stackable wire baskets provide heavy-duty industrial storage, perfect for transporting and storing heavier items, with collapsible options for cost-effective return shipping.

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