Warehouse Equipment

We have over 400,000 sq ft of new and used warehouse equipment, including pallet racks, that is ready to be shipped so you don’t have to wait. We have our own trucks when freight availability is an issue so we can get it there when you need it.

AMH is committed to offering the highest quality of used equipment to our clients. We have an onsite fab shop and paint shop for clients who prefer the “like new” look but can also offer “as is” equipment. We won’t misrepresent the condition on the front end and when quality/damage issues arise, we always make it right.

If you need equipment immediately but are unsure how much space or what exact equipment you will need, download our warehouse checklist and warehouse calculator below to begin.

Storage Racking & Shelving

Pallet Rack

Get those pallets off the floor. Remember, you have a lot more air than floor in your warehouse and that air is a lot cheaper. American Material Handling keeps all styles of uprights and beams to add to your existing components or to start from scratch.

Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is perfect for small item picking and storage in smaller spaces or mezzanine areas.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever is used for vertically storing bulky and long products like pipes, trusses, carpet, plasterboard, and lumber.

Gravity Flow Rack

When you have lots of inventory items and want the flexibility of lower volume case picking or high volume split case picking, gravity flow racks are the best option. Typically used in pick modules where first in first out inventory solutions are needed.

Drive-In Rack

Condensed last in, first out storage solution. A high density solution that consolidates storage into a single footprint that’s perfect for smaller square footage warehouses.

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Racking Accessories

Wire Decking

Used in pallet racking for increased product storage flexibility and safety. It can store pallets, open, and split cases.

Pallet Supports

Less versatile, but also less expensive than decking, designed to prevent pallets from falling between the beams. These supports provide “insurance” from damaged or irregular pallets and forklift driver error.

Column and Aisle Protectors

Warehouses are active. Protect your racking and inventory with column and aisle protectors.

Multi-Phase Double Deep Rack System

Pallet Positions


Flex Conveyor

This type of conveyor is portable and can be used when different load and discharge points are required. The can curve for versatility and also collapse to conserve space when not in use. Great for truck loading and unloading and temporary shipping and packing stations.

Gravity Conveyor

Great for moving boxes, pallets, cartons, totes, and skids effectively with minimal employee effort. It’s very cost effective since gravity is free and maintenance is minimal! Gravity conveyor is great for workstations and pick modules.

Powered Conveyor

Powered conveyor is a great option for supply chain transitions and manufacturing because it can be customized to pick, transfer, and deliver product at specific times and locations. It is often used when highly automated warehousing applications are needed.

Dock Equipment

Dock Plates

A bridge between the loading trailer and the dock

Dock Levelers

Used to level the dock and adjust to different trailer heights

Yard Ramps

A yard ramp is a bridge for getting lift equipment from the ground to the loading dock

Dump Hoppers

Great for dumping bulky items with the use of a forklift

Safety Equipment

Guard Rail and Bollards

These heavy-duty rails and barriers are an economical way to protect expensive machinery, building columns, inventory, and of course your employees.


Used to make overhead walkways, mezzanines, and high traffic walking areas safe

Wire Modular Partitions

Wire enclosures provide extra security in designated areas. Great for tool rooms, important equipment cages, hazardous waste areas, and data server and equipment space.

Lift & Transport Equipment

Pallet Jacks

Pallet Jacks are an affordable way to lift and move pallets manually or electrically.

Carts, Hand Trucks, and Dollies

There are a variety of carts and dollies that help move boxes and smaller inventory items manually.

Other Lift Equipment

Scissor lifts and forklift platforms are designed to lift employees and pallet stands and scissor lift tables are designed to lift pallets and product.

Bins & Containers

Bins, Dividers, and Totes

Typically made of durable plastic, bins, dividers and totes are a great way to store and protect small and medium sized products. They help with organization, space optimization, and cleanliness.

Wire Baskets

These heavy duty industrial baskets are stackable and transportable and work great storing heavier parts and products. Collapsible baskets work great for return shipping costs savings.

Packaging Equipment


Use scales to weigh boxes, pallets, and products accurately

Strapping and Banding Equipment

Used to band and bundle bulky products for storage and shipment

Stretch Wrap Machines

Used for wrapping parcels, boxes, and containers to protect from dust and damage.

Packing Tables

Packing tables are essential for sorting and packing goods before shipment