Adam Dickens – 20 Years Strong


Over the course of 20 years, Adam has progressed further than any member of the American Material Handling team. Adam has left the company twice on his own accord, and once at the suggestion of American Material Handling, but he keeps finding his way back in and we continue to welcome him.

Adam’s knowledge of the material we stock and sell exceeds anybody I know, and his institutional knowledge of American Material Handling’s inner workings makes him a virtually irreplaceable asset. Adam was hired as a warehouse worker in 2001 and has since filled roles as a warehouse order filler, an installer, a warehouse manager, head of fabrication, an estimator, and now is a major Buyer and head of Sales. So proud of Adam and his successes. He is a major part of AMH Team. Love you Adam. Thanks for 20 years of work but also 20 year of friendship! Jackie Lackie

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