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The first blog entry is always the toughest.  As we launch our new website, AMH is committed to making a place where our customers can go for information.  Of course the website will always have plenty of “self-serving” information regarding the products and services we provide.  We certainly hope our online visitors will use the website when they are in the market for warehouse equipment.  But there is another kind of information that we want to provide that will be somewhat unique and I think the blog will be the best way to communicate this information. 

One of the things I love the most about our business is that our customers come from a wide variety of industries.  We work with clients in distribution and logistics, real estate, automotive, technology, manufacturing, food and beverage, construction, and apparel to name a few.  We have worked with every size company to from mom and pops to Fortune 500s.  Because of this, we have to stay up to date on the many factors that affect our customers.  Technology, real estate, freight, commodity prices, politics, tariffs, labor, finance, and the overall economy all impact us in different ways. 

My goal is to have our blog be a place to go for this kind of information.  I know a lot of that stuff can be pretty boring sometimes but I promise we are going to make it fun too.  AMH also takes requests so let us know if there is something you would like us to cover.  AMH hopes you will find our blog useful and entertaining and consider signing up for our email as well. 

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