ErectaStep 2 Step Platform with YellowGate

ErectaStep 2 Step Platform with YellowGate


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ErectaStep 2 Step Platform with YellowGate


2 Step ErectaStep platform. 36″ x 36″ base with platform surface at 27″. Yellowgate Swing Gate adjustable from 16″ to 36″. Right hand or left hand swing. 3 Guardrails allowing for safe use of platform.

The ErectaStep 2-Step Platform

Pre-engineered platforms such as the ErectaStep 2-step platform can be invaluable assets to your warehouse or distribution center. American Materials Handling offers the expertly crafted ErectaStep 2-Step Platform, a simple yet effective addition to any warehousing system that allows for safer and more comfortable retrieval of supplies and goods.

What Is ErectaStep?

ErectaStep is the expert in crafting access platforms and metal stairs for businesses and warehouses. Innovation and design are priorities of the ErectaStep team. They create products for a range of industries, including commercial, industrial, and petrochemical.


Pre-engineered platforms need to remain compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. ErectaStep’s precision-manufactured steel and aluminum steps exceed these standards.

Uses for Pre-Engineered Platforms

By investing in your own pre-engineered platform, you can better use the space within your facility. To better utilize your storage space, introduce metal stairs with a platform into your operations. These tools can make an incredible difference. Pre-engineered platforms, like the ErectaStep 2-Step Platform, allow businesses to add new levels to their warehouse or distribution facility.

Benefits of Pre-Engineered Platforms

Whether you’re managing a warehouse, fulfillment center, or distribution center, you can benefit from a device as simple as metal stairs with a platform. The ErectaStep 2-Step Platform allows you to take better advantage of existing space within your facility. If storage is beginning to feel cramped or if you’re struggling to keep your facility organized, a pre-engineered platform can be a practical addition to the space.


American Materials Handling is proud to offer the ErectaStep 2-Step Platform, manufactured entirely in the USA and modular to your facility’s needs. ErectaStep is the top manufacturer of pre-engineered platforms for distribution centers and warehouses. The ErectaStep 2-Step Platform could be exactly what your facility needs to stay organized and boost operational efficiency.