History of Pallet Racking

The image shows a large warehouse filled with various storage racks and materials. The shelving units are stacked with wooden pallets, boxes, and other goods. There are several aisles formed by the pallet racks, allowing for easy access to the stored items. In the foreground, stacks of blue barrels and bags of materials are organized on pallets. The warehouse has a high ceiling with bright lighting, illuminating the spacious and well-organized storage area. Forklifts are visible, indicating the warehouse is equipped for efficient material handling and movement of goods. The overall scene depicts a busy and systematically arranged warehouse environment.

Prior to World War I pallet rack was not very common. Thankfully pallet racking came around to give warehouses the ability to store pallets vertically. When warehouses have this ability it will double or triple the storage capacity. In the early 1900s companies had to start looking for an easier and cheaper way to package […]