3D Modeling

Our 3D Modeling Service takes your exact warehouse space and gets the most out of it. We build a digital walkthrough allowing you to view the layout and get it right the first time. Once the layout and necessary equipment is approved, our industry-leading installation teams can get the job done to your specification. 


Warehouse Layout & Design

AMH has an in-house CAD design team that can help you layout your warehouse to maximize storage capacity. Using our cost per pallet position analysis can even help you and your real estate broker with site selection. Ceiling height, column spacing, lighting, code, and aisle spacing can all have significant effects on storage capacity and efficiency.  

Installations and Teardowns

 AMH has our own experienced crews so you can expect consistent, professional, and timely installations and teardowns. We are constantly striving to improve on this service too because it is what customers usually remember the most once a job is complete. We are licensed contractors in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi.


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Two of the things that matter most to our warehousing clients are costs and time. AMH keeps 250,000 sq ft of ready to ship and install used warehouse equipment so our clients can reduce costs and save time.  

Our management, sales team, support staff, project managers, installation and teardown crews, and warehouse consultants are committed to providing the highest standard of service for our clients. 

The team at AMH has collectively over 100 years of experience in material handling equipment and warehouse layout and design.   We are constantly learning, constantly training, and always listening to our clients.