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Arguably the most efficient way of moving goods is across a conveyor. Whether it be a flex conveyor, gravity conveyor, or a powered conveyor, American Material Handling can provide what you need.

Flex Conveyor:

This type of conveyor is portable and can be used when different load and discharge points are required. The can curve for versatility and also collapse to conserve space when not in use. Great for truck loading and unloading and temporary shipping and packing stations

Gravity Conveyor:

Great for moving boxes, pallets, cartons, totes, and skids effectively with minimal employee effort. It’s very cost effective since gravity is free and maintenance is minimal! Gravity conveyor is great for workstations and pick modules

Powered Conveyor:

Powered conveyor is a great option for supply chain transitions and manufacturing because it can be customized to pick, transfer, and deliver product at specific times and locations. It is often used when highly automated warehousing applications are needed. Initial costs can be intimidating but usually pays you back by reducing labor costs and optimizing real estate space.

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